Xmctek smart positioning Watch


The positioning bracelet of this development is mainly aimed at the elderly, outdoor workers, children, disabled and other special groups, bringing safety and health value to users. The device is integrated with health sensor, data transmission module and audio component. Through the communication module and background management system interaction information. Background management system + app dual mode monitoring and management of equipment, including wearer position information statistics, health data display by week and month, alarm information pop-up, call and other functions. 1: high precision positioning GPS + Beidou + lbs + WiFi + G-sensor + AGPs + ble 2: super long standby + exquisite appearance 600mA super large battery + optimized power saving algorithm + smaller than H10 3: ble Bluetooth 4.0 supports Bluetooth location, Bluetooth external sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter 4: IP67 waterproof and dustproof all products are delivered to the factory for full


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