IOT door lock scheme

Door lock products


Front desk IC card unlocking, compatible with traditional electronic card touch lock function

Unlock ID card / bus card

Wechat applet unlock (no external gateway box required)

Clock password / time effective password / one time password unlocking

Warning function: low power warning / false lock warning / illegal unlocking

Signal feedback: external unlocking / door closing / internal unlocking / anti locking opening / anti locking closing

Solve operation problems:

The warning accuracy of IOT door lock flying room and illegal unlocking is 99.99%

Early warning of flying room: long-term room opening in non occupancy period; non authorized customers' room opening in occupancy period.

Manual authorization: all authorizations are automatically authorized by linkage with PMS under normal circumstances. If manual authorization occurs, special marks will be displayed.

Not connected for a long time: the lock has not been unlocked for a long time and the record is uploaded to the cloud.

Unlocking in non order period: unlocking in non occupancy period and non clean maintenance period

Non check in period anti lock: during non customer check in period, anti lock operation occurs

Non customer unlocking during the check-in period: non customer unlocking during the check-in period

Non employee unlocking during maintenance period: non employee unlocking during cleaning and maintenance period

The IOT door lock accelerates the reception efficiency of the front desk, saves manpower and makes people more warm


Scenario 1: after the PMS check-in is successful, the customer automatically obtains the permission to open the door without any operation at the front desk.

Scenario 2: the combination of human ID card is automatically recognized to pass, automatically checked in, and the customer automatically obtains the right to open the door.

Scenario 3: the customer checks out and leaves the store, automatically deletes the customer's permission to open the door, and automatically sends the cleaning order to the cleaning personnel.

IOT locks speed up the hotel cleaning and maintenance process, improve efficiency and save manpower

Automatic order dispatch: PMS check out, automatic order dispatch to room staff, no room supervisor's morning meeting

Cleaning list management: Room Supervisor rounds and modifies room status

Piece work wage: piece work wage for cleaning room of cleaning personnel

Customer evaluation feedback: customer feedback: the connection between cleaning quality and cleaning personnel salary

Linen Management: collect the dirty linen and send it to the washing plant, collect the clean linen and assign the cleaning personnel.

Collection record: cleaning and maintenance personnel's consumables, etc.

Problem list: record the problems in the guest room, form a daily account record, and all the people agree on the information.

Security real-time patrol tracking

Automatically generate task list according to the settings, security personnel walk to the floor, refresh automatically, and check whether the security personnel arrive at the floor.

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